Saturday, January 27, 2007

Mona Lisa Smile Runs in the Family

Giuseppe Pallanti recently announced that he had found the resting place of Mona Lisa model Lisa Gherardini. Now a genealogist says he's found some of her living descendants.

"It's a matter of great emotion and great pride to learn that we are descended from La Gioconda," said Natalia Strozzi, 30, an actress. The subject of Leonardo's most famous painting is known as "La Gioconda" in Italy. "We had a vague knowledge of this family story, but the fact that it's been documented proves that it is true, which makes us take it more seriously." And what about the celebrated smile? "Yes," she went on, "once in a while a smile like that flits across our father's face, and that's the most convincing proof there is." [Link]
Natalia and her father stand on the left in this photo. A Tuscan engineer has offered to crawl around under the Florence convent to find what remains of Lisa. Only then can a side-by-side comparison of the smiles be made.

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