Sunday, January 14, 2007

Past the Sell-By Date

Paul Collins wrote a piece for New Scientist on "Real slow food"—food that's been on the shelf way too long.

Take the case of Fidelia Bates of Tecumseh, Michigan: after baking a fruit cake for Thanksgiving in November 1877, the unfortunate Mrs Bates promptly expired. This presented a rather delicate question at the family farmhouse: who would be the first to eat a piece of the dead woman's cake?

As it turned out, nobody was. Mrs Bates's family has resisted temptation for 129 years, and counting. "It's hard, it's crystallised, it's fossilised," says her 86-year-old great-grandson Morgan Ford. "Nobody wanted to eat it after she passed away, and so now I have it." [Link]
You can read more about Collins' research on his blog [via Proceedings of the Athanasius Kircher Society].


Couldn't finish reading the article without subscribing to the New Scientest magazine. Was looking forward to reading it all.

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