Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Paul's Back Pages

Paul Etherington is an old acquaintance (in Internet years), and was to blame for the Censuswhacking craze of 2005 (he, in turn, blames it all on Bob Dylan). On his website you'll find links to other wonderful things, like a RootsChat thread on Favourite Census Mistranscriptions (one contributor's great-great-grandfather was described in 1901 as a "Surveyor....... of cats meat," but turned out to be just a purveyor of the stuff), and the genealogy-laden summer schedule of UKTV (I do hope an American channel picks up "Who the Hell Do You Think You Are?").

Then there's Capwatch, where Paul charts his ancestors' tastes in headgear, and where visitors vie for the honor of contributing a Capwatch Guest Cap ("Top prices paid for unwanted cap pics!"). It's much like Baywatch, except with caps instead of red swimsuits.

And if you're planning a trip to Britain, be sure to consider Club 18-37. Your dissatisfaction is guaranteed!

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