Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Putting On Heirs

Dick Eastman made the mistake two years ago of writing that Howard Hughes "had no children." That genealogically sound statement is still eliciting weird comments.

My favorite is the one by reputed heir "Prince Ambassador Howard R. Hughes III," who stated in Oct. 2005 that his identity had been described "IN THE RICHIE RICH MOVIES AND IN EVERY TELEVISION PROGRAM, AND MOVIE THAT HAS BEEN FILMED SINCE THE EARLY 70'S." Last July, he claimed that the U.S. government was meddling with his Yahoo email account, and that he had survived "close to a dozen attempts on my life."

This week, one "Randy S. Fitzgerald" has joined the fun with his own claim of being the child of Hughes and wife Jean Peters. Someone should tell him that comments posted to a genealogy blog carry no legal weight at the World Court.

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