Wednesday, January 03, 2007

So, Was She Impressed?

Ralph Neale is organizing a reunion of descendants of 480 passengers of the Schomberg, which was wrecked on a sand spit in South Australia in 1855. He has also written a book in which he presents a new theory of why the ship ran aground.

"Captain James 'Bully' Forbes was 34 at the time and an unusual but brave character, however, extremely foolish," Mr Neale said.

"I believe he was in the company of a lady and wanted to show off by seeing how close he could get his ship to the coast before saving her from devastation."
"The captain waited too late to 'go about' and coupled with wind direction change, ran into the shore," he said. [Link]
By my calculation, showing off for women accounts for 97% of the stupid things men do. The remaining 3% are performed by gay men showing off for each other.

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