Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Their Bid for a Little Bit of Britain

Members of the American Balcom and Balcombe families gathered in Buffalo, N. Y., in August of 1901 for a reunion, but also for a second purpose: to lay claim to the town of Balcombe, Sussex, England, valued at about $2,000,000. Representatives were appointed from each of three branches of the family that settled in the United States.

The idea to claim the old family seat in England occurred to Frank Balcom some twenty-five years ago, and ever since then he has, with the aid of his relatives, been trying to make the chain connecting the family with the town of Balcombe complete. There are still a few links missing, but it is expected that they will be supplied at the reunion.
The results of the deliberations of the representatives are to be published in book form and will constitute the basis of the claim to be filed with the British government. [Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Aug. 9, 1901]
I find it interesting that this notice of the reunion and this account of the gathering make no mention of a plot to seize land in England.

Paul E

Balcombe the 51st state of the US? How ridiculous! Thankfully, it only took another 40-odd years before the USA were able to claim the entire country, and a further 50 before we bagan to enjoy the fruits of the new relationship (viz 'Desperate Housewives').


Thanks for sending over The Office as compensation.

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