Monday, January 01, 2007

A Very Old Avery

If you, like John D. Rockefeller, descend from Samuel Avery of Groton, Connecticut, here's your chance to see what he looked like after the first 200 years of his eternal slumber. His bones were moved to lie next to those of his wife in 1923.

A Groton genealogist, Lucy Morgan Adams, was present with her camera. She traced her roots to the Avery and Morgan families. Taking advantage of this great photo-op, she photographed his bones.

In October 1924, a year later, the Hartford Daily Times reported his reburial in Poquonnock. His stone in the new location reads, “Here lyeth the body of Capt. Samuel Avery, Esq, who died May 1, 1723. Groton 1st Townsman & Moderator.” On the reverse it notes, “Removed from Ledyard cemetery Oct. 17, 1923. by John D. Rockefeller and Albert W. Pierson, Descendants of the 11th Generation.” [Link]

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