Friday, January 05, 2007

Watch Out for Mr. McGregor!

Not only is Kate Middleton a descendant of coal miners, she's also the cousin of cousins of Beatrix Potter.

According to a genealogy expert quoted by the Daily Express, "Kate is a descendant of a well-heeled Leeds dynasty, the Luptons, and is a cousin of two Lupton sisters - Elizabeth and Elinor - who were cousins of Miss Potter. They received illustrated greetings cards from the author in the early days of the Twentieth century." [Link]
This item was published under the headline "KATE'S SECURITY INCREASED AS POTTER LINKS REVEALED." Is it really that dangerous to be related to relatives of a kid-lit author?

Michael Rhodes

Kate Middelton is a cousin of Bessie and Elinor Lupton, who were cousins of Beatrix Potter. There is no direct blood link between Miss Middleton and the authoress.


I suspected as much. That's why I was careful to say "cousin of cousins," and "related to relatives."

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