Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Weakest Link in the Chain Gang

Bartholomew Taylor was never a master of his trade, but Tony Burke is still proud of his convict ancestor.

We were originally told he was sent out to Australia for "stealing arms" and presumed he must have been part of the armed resistance against British rule in Ireland.

It wasn't until my sister started searching the family tree and got hold of the original documents that we discovered the arms he was stealing were spelt "alms".

That's right, he was taking money from the poor box at the local church.
Bartholomew later spent ten years imprisoned on Norfolk Island for stealing jewelry.
One night in The Rocks he walked past a police officer who snapped at him: "Don't you know to tip your hat when you pass an officer of the law?"

So he lifted his hat and the jewellery fell out. [Link]

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