Saturday, February 17, 2007

102 Years' Worth of Stories to Tell

102-year-old Florence Hastings has received Bethel, Maine's Boston Post Cane as oldest resident of the town. (My grandmother grew up not far from the Hastings farm, and was awarded her adopted town's cane a couple of years ago.) Florence—whose grandchildren I went to school with—got a great write-up in the local paper this week, complete with wonderful anecdotes.

The Hastings’ children arrived in the late 1920s and through the 1930s — Ginny, Mary Alice, Sonny and Ann, the youngest.

Florence recalls that when Ann arrived, Sonny gave the doctor a handful of play money in “payment.”

“A few weeks later Sonny reported to Dr. Twaddle that he wanted his money back because her head was wobbly,” said Florence. “The good doctor checked her over, patted her head a few times and told Sonny that in few weeks her head would be fine.” [Link]
Read also of the time Florence was a teacher and gave out cats as rewards to her students, and of how Sonny tried to help the war effort by putting diapers on fireflies.

Jennifer Grimm

Hi, I have some jpegs you might like. It is loose paper that reads “Mrs. Hastings... Bethel” & “Mrs Bancroft’s Mother”.
“Florence Hastings, Bethel, Maine”. A stencil ��Kaiti ��Faye ��. I am not sure how to post a photo here. If you want to see them let me know and how.

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