Thursday, February 01, 2007

Blondes Have More Feng Shui

DNA tests are underway to see if residents of a remote corner of China are descended from Roman soldiers. This might explain all the green eyes, big noses, and blonde hair thereabouts.

Gu Jianming, who lives near Liqian, said it had come as a surprise to be told he might be descended from a European imperial army. But then the birth of his daughter was also a surprise. Gu Meina, now six, was born with a shock of blonde hair. "We shaved it off a month after she was born but it just grew back the same colour," he said. "At school they call her 'yellow hair'. Before we were told about the Romans, we had no idea about this. We are poor and have no family temple, so we don't know about our ancestors." [Link]

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