Saturday, February 10, 2007

Certified Public Awkward Moment

Illinois has passed a law requiring candidates who change their names in the three years prior to an election to include a "formerly known as" line on the ballot. This should stop office-seekers from changing their surnames to appeal to ethnic groups, or from doing something really moronic, like what Sen. Christopher Lauzen did when he ran for state comptroller in 1998.

When election officials wouldn't allow him to note that he was a certified public accountant on the ballot, Sen. Lauzen attempted to have his last name legally changed to "CPA," but a judge refused to allow the name change.

"I received bad advice -- it was a mistake. I was trying to use my point-of-sale marketing skills and let voters know I'm a CPA. I worked hard to become an accountant. I tried to use that to my advantage," a rather embarrassed Sen. Lauzen said this week. [Link]

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