Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dadgum It, That's a Good Question

Craig at GeneaBlogie poses an interesting question: Why do we so often slip into a hillbilly accent when pretending to talk like old folks—even if our folks grew up in Manhattan or Saskatchewan? The answer he provides cites Looney Tunes, so it must be correct.


Actually I alternate. When I am doing my poor imitation of my Pennsylvania ancestors, I use a dadgum sort of accent, all "well, hail Columbia, young'uns!" And when I do the tiresome impression of the NYC ancestors, I sound like Aunt Tessie from Greenpernt. At least I'M having fun!


I almost lost my Maine Yankee accent when in college, but it comes back whenever I spend time with my father. I can't really call it an "impression" of my ancestors, since—somewhere deep down inside—it's still my natural speaking voice.

A rootdigger

Isn't that funy, I want to resort to hay talk blogging. If you use baby talk or tones, your probably in trouble.
And like the other blogger said, the parents and family didn't talk that way. I seem to want to share phrases or saying my mother had said all the time, too.

Though overalls were present on my father. I hesitate to show those pictures.
Good observation.

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