Saturday, February 17, 2007

Eggstreme Longevity

Florrie Baldwin is the oldest woman in Britain. According to her six-year-old great-great grandson Harry, "She really, really is 110. None of my friends have a grandma as old as mine."

Apart from the odd niggle she is still fit and healthy for her age and attributes her long life to eating an egg sandwich for breakfast and a cooked meal for dinner.

She said: "I always eat an egg sandwich in the morning and have at least one hot meal each day. I think I've had an egg sandwich almost every day since I was married at 23. I also do like a glass of sherry now and again."

If she had eaten a fried egg sandwich every day since she was 23, it would mean she had polished off 31,755 in her lifetime. [Link]

Bill Blunt

Pah! It's easy to get seduced by these 'Oldest Living Confederate Woman Tells All About My Egg Sandwich Diet' tales... but my living grannie is 102, and she's never eaten an egg sandwich in her life!

She remembers first world war zeppelins, though! Isn't that good enough to stake a claim to longevity?


I fear that your grannie's days are numbered. Get her on an egg-sandwich regimen immediately!

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