Sunday, February 18, 2007

The First Animated Genealogist?

Tonight's episode of King of the Hill features a genealogist—perhaps the first in animated television history.

An heirless Bill becomes despondent when alley talk turns to what the guys will pass down to their sons. After Bill meets with a genealogist to find his relatives, everyone with the Dauterive last name which the "genealogist" searched on the Internet is invited to his house for a party. But when his cousin Gilbert is the only one to show, Bill learns that they are the last of the Dauterive line. [Link]
The scare quotes around "genealogist" are appropriate. The guy has a sign outside his office that reads GENEOLOGIST.

Sally J.

Recently on The Simpsons, Lisa refused to write a paper about her family's boring lineage. Instead she concocted a cringe-worthy faux Native American heritage.

Anyhoo. There's a scene where Lisa is sitting at a computer and you can see genealogy how-to books stacked up next to her.

I loved it!!


Doh! How could I have forgotten that!

I should also have remembered that Peter on Family Guy found some black ancestry a few seasons ago, and that a week or two back he tracked down his birth father in Ireland.

I'll revise my statement and say that this was perhaps the first professional genealogist ever animated.

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