Friday, February 23, 2007

Genealogist Finds the Lord

Lula Joughin Dovi has written a lengthy piece for the St. Petersburg Times about the search for her half-sister Roberta—born in 1924, the child of her father's second wife. The mystery of Roberta's fate was cleared up a few years ago by an English cousin and fellow genealogist, Philip Allen.

"Hello, Lula, I just had to tell you about this," Philip wrote in his e-mail. "Did you know that your half-sister married the younger son of an English duke?"

In an idle moment at work he had been on the Internet looking for Joughins in California, when he came across the name. He saw that Lord Edward Eugene Fernando Montagu, second son of the ninth duke of Manchester, had married Roberta Herold Joughin (his fifth wife) in Cuernavaca, Mexico, on Sept. 28, 1953.

Roberta had died in 1964 in Los Angeles. [Link]

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