Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Hero and His Heirloom

James Van Iveren heard a woman's cries for help in the apartment upstairs, so he grabbed a 39-inch cavalry sword and rushed to her aid.

Sword in hand, he bounded up the stairs, kicked in the door and confronted a man who turned out to be alone - watching a pornographic movie.

"Now I feel stupid," Van Iveren said.

Worse yet, police seized his sword - a family heirloom - carted him to jail and referred the case to a prosecutor who charged Van Iveren with three criminal counts.

"This really is nothing," Van Iveren insisted, "nothing but a mistake." [Link]

Chai Hashim

Van Iveren is my hero!!! I hope the police will return his sword back!!


My family doesn't have a cavalry sword as an heirloom. If I heard a women cry for help, I'd have to rush to her aid wielding an antique cheese grater.

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