Monday, February 19, 2007

Hockey Player Did His Homework

If anyone doubts that Johnstown Chiefs defenseman John Adams is related to two presidents, they can just look at his parents' fridge.

“The second president’s father, (Deacon) John Adams, it was off one of his brothers’ lines,” said Adams, who sat out Johnstown’s 3-2 win over visiting Trenton because of an injury. “I’m John Adams XIII. I don’t put the Roman numeral in my name though.”
“My grandmother has all the lineage,” the Chiefs’ Adams said. “When I went to do a report on it in the second grade, she had all the background. It’s so distant. It’s just kind of neat to do a report on it and mention that off in the distance, you’re somewhat related.”

And how did that report turn out?

“That was an A-plus. You better believe it,” Adams said. “That was refrigerator material.” [Link]

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