Monday, February 05, 2007

How Do You Say 'Watch for Falling Prices'?

The admissions policy of the AhNiYvWiYa tribe—a group that wants only "to be left in peace and granted 501c(3) status as a not-for-profit group"—is more flexible than those of other American Indian tribes. In fact, I think I might fill out an application.

"We do not look at a quantum of blood," said White Eagle of his tribal requirements.

"Most people will not be able to find documentation, so we ask people to trace any family history they can. Through our spiritual ceremonies, they will be shown. What we ask of people is that they're willing to learn language and want to be part of our true culture," White Eagle said.
The AhNiYvWiYa language is taught with the help of confused Wal-Mart employees.
The class is still learning the fundamentals, but in later weeks they will make a trip to Wal-Mart, where only AhNiYvWiYa will be used while shopping for produce and appliances.

"People are going to look at us like we're crazy," joked White Eagle. [Link]

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