Friday, February 16, 2007

If Chamber Pots Could Talk...

Sure, antiques dealer Joy Shivar is trying to turn a profit with her Just a Joy website, but she's also making an effort to return historical artifacts to relatives of the original owners.

Each item has a direct link to a specific surname and is guaranteed to be authentic.

This network creates a real possibility of returning "orphaned" family items back to their rightful owners. Items that may have been lost through estate sales, broken marriages or by other means may be recovered. [Link]
Of course, my real reason for plugging her website is to draw attention to this item.
This is one of the most interesting items we have ever had. Depending on your point of view it is either comical, classic or elegant. It is the actual chamber pot from the Lincoln bedroom of the White House. Although Lincoln, himself, did not use it, as it did not become a resident of the Lincoln Bedroom until around 1890-1910, it is still a remarkable item.


Well, I got the feeling the web site owner isn't returning the items to their families.. she's selling them back. Its a great marketing promo though.

And I'd really have to fall in love with that chamber pot to pay $10K for it.


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