Friday, February 23, 2007

No Glaswegian Pocahontases

A story made the rounds in Scotland that some dim-witted couple named their baby "Pocahontas" after seeing the 1995 Disney movie. Joel Conn of the International Society for Contemporary Legend Research has established that this is a myth.

Using the Freedom of Information Act, he confirmed that no-one named Pocahontas has been recorded by the General Register Office for Scotland since at least 1974. The Office for National Statistics also revealed no record of anyone with the Native American name in England or Wales since at least 1944.

Mr Conn, a 31-year-old Glasgow-based solicitor, said: "I am not ashamed to say that I believed it was possible at first. [Link]
Conn's next job: disproving the existence of the International Society for Contemporary Legend Research.

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