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Thursday, February 01, 2007

RIP Nut Lady

Elizabeth Tashjian, founder of the Nut Museum of Old Lyme, Connecticut, has died at 94.

Opened in 1972, the Nut Museum was a showcase for her nut paintings, a nut crèche in a coconut shell, and the prize of her collection, a kind of double coconut weighing 35 pounds from the Maldives, known as a "coco de mer." Tashjian liked to point out that it resembled a female pelvis, and used it to illustrate her theory that humans were descended from nuts. Darwin, she told Mr. [David] Letterman, was "bunk." [Link]
Admission to the museum was originally one nut, but was later increased to $2 and one nut. Learn more at The Nut Lady's Homepage.

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