Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Secret of Beautiful Skin

Mable Sims of Twin Lakes, Florida, lives in the house of her late great-grandmother, Precious O'Neal St. Clair, from whom Mable took advice and beauty tips.

"Girl, even if you're going to a dog fight, look good," she told Mable. Miss Mable never attended a dog fight, but she tries to look her best even now. She credits the Precious treatment for her "baby-butt skin."

Each morning Miss Mable bathes her coffee-colored skin, flawless except for that ax scar, with fresh urine.

"That surprises people, Lord have mercy," she says with a delighted laugh. "But it's how I was brought up. My great-aunt Isabella had the most beautiful skin you ever saw because of that urine treatment. She lived to be 107 years old!" [Link]

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