Thursday, February 15, 2007

They Made a Big Production Out of It

ThinkFilm just picked up North American distribution rights to the 2005 indy feature The Last Confederate: The True Story of Robert Adams (formerly known as Strike the Tent). The Civil War-era film about a man from the South who falls for a gal from the North was written and produced by descendants of Robert and Eveline (McCord) Adams, and stars their great-great-grandson Julian Adams as Robert, and Julian's father Weston as "Grandfather Adams."

To ensure authenticity of their family’s story, Julian and Weston turned to the wealth of diaries, letters, and family documents surrounding Robert and Eveline. Records of Robert’s enlistment in the Confederate Army, his military service records, and his prison documents from Elmira, New York, also brought the elegant and horrible details of his story to light. [Link]

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