Thursday, February 15, 2007

They Want to Call It an Early Knight

Some in Westford, Massachusetts, believe that an expedition led by Scottish Prince Henry Sinclair visited their town in 1398. Their evidence? A stone on Depot Street that bears the image of a broken sword—supposed to signify that a knight in the party had died.

So is this the stuff of legend or of history? Some people in Westford are hoping science can help them find out. They've contacted a forensic geologist about testing to determine the age of the carvings.

"So we just hope they can date it and that will convince the non-believers that the knight actually did come here in 1400," said [Elizabeth] Lane. [Link]


This is not a whole lot of evidence, folks. Speaking as someone who just realized she made a huge error in identifying someone with the same name, same age, same weird middle initial, from the same part of the same county - as her ancestor. And he wasn't. Maybe he was a cousin though.
Anyway, I think they have a little less potential evidence!


You're right, it might have been Henry Sinclair's cousin who visited in 1398.

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