Wednesday, February 07, 2007

They Want Whoopi

Whoopi Goldberg took a DNA test that suggested she has ancestors from the Papel tribe of Guinea-Bissau. This led the country to send Whoopi an invitation.

It begins, with some uncertainty on the star's name: "Your Excellency Hoppy Goldberg, it is with great euphoria that the government of Guinea-Bissau ... learned of your ancestral origins .... The news has awoken in each and every one of us a deep sense of fraternity .... We simply cannot remain indifferent to the news of your Guinean heritage."

The two pages peppered with elaborate expressions of praise and respect end with a simple request: Please come visit our country.
Said Minister of Tourism Francisco Conduto de Pina, "She will come. She's Guinean. She's our daughter. She's ours." A woman from Goldberg's ancestral homeland was less enthusiastic.
"I have no idea who that is," said Tiro Ca, 50, carrying a baby on her back, who stopped to pore over a headshot of the actress brought to the village by the AP. [Link]
[Photo credit: Whoopi by Daniel Langer (license)]

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