Thursday, February 15, 2007

Three's a Crowd

Members of the Mountain Genealogists Society in Colorado have put up a display at a local library called "Love Through the Ages." Dale Hoffman contributed an elaborately decorated document he had inherited.

Nothing says love like a marriage license, and in 1885 in Caldwell County, Mo., they knew how to say it right. Witness the grand document announcing the union of one William Bay to his sweetheart, Laura Rathbun.

It’s unnecessarily big, for starters, and busy with scrollwork and superfluous artistry in a vaguely Florentine style. And it features photographs of the happy couple, their unsmiling faces enshrined in elaborate, individual cartouches. Curiously, it also boasts the likeness of the presiding minister, who apparently felt that his role in the nuptials warranted that honor. [Link]
No word on whether he tagged along for the honeymoon.

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