Friday, March 16, 2007

44% of Canadians Distrustful or Ill-Informed

Genealogists in 2098 will find only 56% of their Canadian relatives in the 2006 census. That's the percentage of respondents that agreed to allow the release of their info after 92 years.

Nationally, 56 per cent of respondents said Yes, 32 per cent said No while the remaining 12 per cent did not respond at all. Prince Edward Island had the highest Yes response rate at 65 per cent while Nunavut registered the lowest at 51 per cent - 26 per cent of respondents there gave no reply at all.
[History professor Bill] Waiser said the "terrible" Yes response rate may be the result of the public's poor understanding of the issue.

"Not only did there need to be a better education effort, I also think that perhaps there needed to be more explanation on the census form itself, in terms of what was involved," he said. [Link]

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