Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cattleman Meets His Cousins of Color

Marion West is a cattle rancher in Missouri. Vy Higginsen runs a school for gospel singers in Harlem. DNA tests showed that the two were cousins, leading to a recent reunion in New York.

It was Mr. West’s first visit to New York City, and he stood out partly because of his rancher outfit: black cowboy hat, shiny boots, string tie and a jacket advertising a feed company. But he also stood out because he was a white man greeted by a roomful of black New Yorkers embracing him as a long-lost member of their family.

“Welcome to Harlem,” Ms. Higginsen told Mr. West and his wife, Mack, as the crowd cheered. “Meet your DNA cousins,” Ms. Higginsen yelled to her relatives. [Link]

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