Friday, March 02, 2007

Dodd Doomed in Iowa

D-Day has the scoop on the latest scandal to rock the 2008 presidential race: Chris Dodd's great-great-great-great-aunt hated corn.

"Mama never usually cooks it right," wrote Rose-a-Sharon Millicent Dodd in a diary entry dated March 16, 1835. "An' e'en if she did, it sticks between my teeth like President Jackson sticks to the Indian Removal Act!"

Staffers for Senator Dodd hastily assembled a closed-door meeting to discuss how best to deflect the damage this could do to his nascent campaign. Needless to say, the eating habits of a distant relative twice remove[d] would have a crushing effect in the farmlands of this midwestern state, home to the first caucus in the nation.


Thanks for the link, my friend. And this is a very interesting site. As much as this whole "using genealogy to impart motives on people in the present" thing bugs me, the whole history of lineage is unquestionably interesting.


You took the blog post right out of my mouth.

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