Thursday, March 15, 2007

Their Irish Eyes Weren't Smiling

Sharon Shea Bossard has come to cherish her Irish ancestry and has even "acquired a slight brogue," despite the miserable St. Patrick's Days of her youth.

Her mother, Helen Shea, dutifully would fasten green satin ribbons to her four children’s school uniforms. That evening she would cook a traditional meal of potatoes and cabbage, pour herself a little whiskey and then play Irish melodies on the piano – alone.

Sharon’s father, Michael, headed straight for the local tavern from his job at a meat-packing plant and never showed up until late at night. He was distant and mysterious, his life locked behind pursed lips and vague references to the past.

“The only advice (my mother) ever gave me was: ‘Never marry an Irishman.’” [Link]

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