Saturday, March 10, 2007

Their Marriage Is Legal in Every State

Simone Chiha and Jaime Garner met through in 2005, and married last November. Ever since their first date, they've been finding unexpected connections between their families. Simone's stepfather knew Jaime's mother as a teenager. Simone's godmother worked for Jaime's family as a nanny in Germany. Her grandmother and his great-grandmother are buried in the same cemetery.

"I was thinking, great, he's going to tell me we're long-lost cousins," Simone says.

Jaime called his mom, who had a wall of genealogy charts in her office, and he rattled off the names he'd been given.

"She starts looking on our tree and says, 'None of these names are on our family tree.' She's gone back at least five generations, and there's no relation." [Link]

Miriam Robbins

But if they HAD discovered they were related, they could have gone to the Cousin Couples website to get advice and support!

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