Tuesday, April 10, 2007

600 Genealogy Blogs Found

The number of sites categorized at the Genealogy Blog Finder reached 600 tonight. (The footnoteMaven's Genealogy Bloggers' Quilt may someday fill the screen.) Here are some quick highlights:

A couple of familiar websites now have companion blogs: Cyndi's List and Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness. Look also for blogs from upstarts like Geni and soon-to-be upstarts like Family Pursuit.

I'm enjoying the transcribed diaries and letters that are popping up on the Web, on blogs like Grandma's Diary, Letters from Home - 1952, and A Burch Tree.

Miriam's AnceStories2: Stories of Me for My Descendants has weekly prompts for the family historian who needs prompting. Some of us need more than prompting. A cattle prod might prove effective.

My ancestors probably crossed paths with and owed money to those of Bill Ives (Ives Family History Blog) and Bill West (West in New England). The least I can do is mention their blogs.

Blogging without an audience is like talking to oneself incessantly—a practice that could get one committed to a hospital in the country. So let's make sure these newcomers get some visitors, and save their loved ones the long drive.

Bill Blunt

And thank you, Chris, for your ceaseless qyest to catalogue the genealogical blogosphere.

In the immortal words of the mythical Babelfish: Our obligations to you are much!



That's the most comprehensible thing Babelfish has ever said!


Hi Chris,

It's actually soon to be 601! :) I just added mine and waiting for it to show up. I just started a blog this week on free Blacks in antebellum NC. http://freeaainnc.blogspot.com


Thanks for the submission, Erin! I'll add it to the Blog Finder this evening.


Thanks for mentioning A Burch Tree and for the information about all the new genealogy blogs!

Bill West

Thanks for the kind words and hte mention, Chris!

And it might be more of a connection than you realize. My
paternal great great grandmother
was Florilla Dunham, born in North
Paris, Mainein 1832. We may be cousins!


I know Florilla well! Her grandfather was the brother of my ancestor, Moses Dunham of Hartford, Me. I believe that makes us sixth cousins.

We have something else in common, too. Your post about Aziscohos Dam reminded me of my own trips to Wilson's Mills as a kid. My grandfather had a camp on the lake, and some of my best memories are of the cold summers I spent there.



Always enjoy my daily visit to your blog.

Thank you so much for mentioning the patchwork that makes up our community of family historians. The quilt continues to grow!


Thank you from me as well!

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