Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Genetic Link in the Ink

If you ever get around to publishing your family history, be sure to include your "source material."

Tokyo-based Ko-sin Printing has developed a printing process that allows authors to add a more personal touch to their printed works by using ink that includes their DNA.
Ko-sin also claims it is possible to extract genetic information from materials printed using this process. When the company sent a sample page to a DNA laboratory, the lab technicians were able to isolate and extract the DNA from the page. [Link, via Neatorama]

Bill Blunt

It's a neat idea, Chris. But if anyone picks up a copy of the Harry McFry manuscript, they'll find enough blood and sweat on every page to ensure there's no need for specially-added DNA. That's unless they buy the Wipe Clean edition, at extra cost, of course.


Blood, sweat, but no tears? Evidently you've never received a rejection notice.

Bill Blunt

It's only a matter of time, Chris!

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