Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Guide to Internet Genealogy

I've whipped up a flowchart that lays out in the simplest of terms how genealogists use the Web. It will appear in the appendix of my forthcoming book, Internet Genealogy for Complete and Utter Morons.

Bill West

Liqour! Why didn't I think of that?

Thanks for the laugh, chris!

Bill Blunt

An excellent diagrammatic representation, Chris! I particularly like the notion that, once you're in that loop, there's no way out...




LOL! that is funny! I love it and sending a link to the genealogy dept. here to give them a laugh as well!


Got a good laugh out of the post. Think you have come up with a great title for a book as well. Might want to google it first though as there are many similiar book titles already on the market, LOL. Barb


This is just hilarious! Thank you for making me laugh tonight!
Would you mind if I use it in my blog?
I would naturally give you credit with a link to your blog.
I'll wait for your reply.
Thank you.


Sure, Michelina. Thanks for asking first!


Thank you!^_^

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