Sunday, April 15, 2007

How to Make a Racist Shut Up

William Hoff, Jr., was a virulent racist, and a leader of the National Socialist Movement. According to his brother Sheldon, he was also part African American.

Around 1995, Sheldon uncovered a bombshell, a gem that could have destroyed Wild Bill's credibility with the Nazis - in the 1910 census, their father's family was listed as black. Sheldon eventually traced their black ancestry back to the 1600s.

When he told his brother about his find, Wild Bill brushed it off.

"He was in denial, but after that he never gave us any of his 'white is superior' stuff," Sheldon said. [Link]


Doesn't always work! We're part Black as well, but my uncle is very racist towards Blacks (even though he's married to a Filipino woman, so apprently it's JUST Blacks he's racist against!). He knows about it, I gave my grandma a really nice framed tree to hang up at Christmas one year and the whole family was there like an unofficial family reunion. I showed folks who all was who, and included that information. He looked a bit shocked, but hasn't changed his views. Oh well!


Well, at least you tried!

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