Sunday, April 22, 2007

In Search of a Gene

Megan spotted a fascinating article about Martin Marshall—a man searching for the father he never knew with little more than a first name, Gene, and a genetic match to the Sizemore family. This led him to track down all the Gene Sizemores who might have canoodled with his mother in the spring of 1948.

How many Gene Sizemores could there be in the United States?

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 60, it turns out, and none in Missouri. By consulting an Internet site that offers inexpensive background checks, however, Marshall discovered one Gene Sizemore who had previously lived in the state.

Not only that, this Gene Sizemore had once lived in the town of Louisiana, Mo. Hadn't his mother told him back in 1981 that his father came from a town called Louisiana? Marshall had always assumed that she had been talking about Al Marshall.

But maybe she really meant this man. His real father. Gene. [Link]

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