Saturday, April 21, 2007

It Also Needs More Car Chases

St. Louis Post-Dispatch book editor Jane Henderson had some good advice for the author of an acclaimed book about the Pilgrims.

Nathaniel Philbrick is condensing his popular "Mayflower" history into a book for middle school students, so I asked whether he couldn't add some cannibalism. The cannibalism in his "In the Heart of the Sea" is one of the things that made that whale story so riveting.

"I've had so many teachers tell me that 'Revenge of the Whale' is the only thing they can get their seventh-grade boys to read, because it has the cannibalism in it," he said with a laugh. ("Revenge of the Whale" is the student-geared version of "In the Heart of the Sea," the true story of a whaling ship sunk by an angry sperm whale.) [Link]

Dana Huff

I'm reading Moby-Dick right now and finished Ahab's Wife last weekend, and really enjoyed reading both. I didn't realize there was a modern historian's perspective on the Essex! Now, I'll have to add Philbrick's book to my pile.

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