Friday, April 27, 2007

A Pagan Pedigree

Dennis Callahan claims to be a "fourth generation hereditary witch."

His great-aunt Marion was born with a veil, what is referred to in medical terms as a “caul.” It’s a hood of porous skin that covers the head of a newborn. It’s extremely rare to be born with a caul, which, for many, indicates a “third eye” or heightened psychic ability.
Marion's niece—Callahan's mother—married a man whose sister was a witch.
For the past 400 years, his ancestors have been witches who read tarot. But Callahan’s pagan ancestry stretches even further back to the Druids, who practiced a type of paganism unknown today because they didn’t write. [Link]
I will not criticize the claims made in this article for fear of waking tomorrow morning as a toad.


I've heard of families like this. They perform hocus pocus genealogy :D

(I'm crossing my fingers and throwing salt over my left shoulder as I type this).



Some of my ancestors didn't write, but I never suspected they were Druids until now.


Generation is you, your parents, their parents, etc... your mother, her sister and your father's sister is only one generation; at best he can only claim two generations....

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