Friday, April 13, 2007

Tom Wants Tract of Turf

Tom Cruise is looking to buy land in Ireland supposed to have once been owned by his ancestors.

Mr Cruise is believed to have visited the area around Kilteevan three years ago as he traced his Irish roots.

The Collateral star was born Tom Cruise Mapother IV in New York in 1962.

The small ruined cottage included as part of the sale of the farm was once occupied by members of the Mapother family, and Mr Cruise's great grandfather Thomas is said to have emigrated from Roscommon to America in the early part of the last century. [Link]
Umm, make that his great-great-grandfather Dylan Henry Mapother, who emigrated in 1850. Correct country of origin, though!
[Photo credit: tomcruise-1 by Alan Light]



great-grandfather, or great-great-grandfather.... last century, or the one before that... geeze who gets hung up on the technicalities? GENEALOGISTS DO! lol


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