Thursday, April 05, 2007

Tylers Tend to Attend

Harrison Tyler—grandson of our tenth president—will play a part in celebrating Jamestown's 400th anniversary. He's genetically predisposed to do so.

Harrison's grandfather, President John Tyler, attended the 200th anniversary jubilee of Jamestown's founding in 1807 and gave the keynote address at the centennial celebration in 1857 on Jamestown Island. Harrison's father, Lyon Gardiner Tyler, who was president of the College of William & Mary for more than twenty years, was a leading advocate of the 1907 Tercentenary, writing numerous books on early Virginia history when America celebrated her 300th anniversary. [Link]

Miriam Robbins

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"Life Balance"? Haven't you figured out yet that I'm unbalanced?

I'll have to think about this one...

Miriam Robbins

Funny...that's what we're all saying when we get tagged.

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