Thursday, April 26, 2007

What Were Their Parents Thinking?

JDR at Anglo-Celtic Connections today offers some Unusual names in family history.

One of the two men from the Ottawa Company of Sharpshooters who died at the Battle of Cut Knife Hill on 2 May 1885 was John Rogers, a native of Barbados. While researching for the book "The Ottawa Sharpshooters" I found his mother was baptized Mary Licorish Kidney, one of the most unusual names I've ever found. It rivals a Norfolk man I stumbled on baptized February Backlog.
I recently ran across a guy named "Newport Rhode Island" who served in the Revolution from Massachusetts. At first I thought it was a mistake, but his name appears both in Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors and in the bounty land grant application filed by his widow in Maine. And then there's "Coffin Thing," who lived in Waterborough, Maine, in 1790 (his mother was a Coffin, his father a Thing).


There was an Oprah show about 15 years ago on people (living) with strange names. I don't remember all of them, but I remember 2, who were the strangest. One guys parents had a sense of humor, their last name was Pitt (or Pitts), so they named their son Harry Arm Pitt(s)! Twin sisters were on the show. Mother didn't know she was having twins and only had 1 name picked out. She was on drugs and they asked her the names to put on the BC. She chose Virginia as one name and could only think of one thing for the girl, and I'm not gonna post it, but let's just say it is a part of the female anatomy that rhymes with the first daughter!!! I would love to be able to see the reactions of future researchers when they uncover the second twins name!!! LOL


This reminds me of a famous Seinfeld episode. (Mulva?)

Sadly, the story you mention is nothing new.


I have been collecting unusual names for years and I will defintely have to add these to my disk.

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