Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Civil War in Four Minutes

If you found the Ken Burns Civil War series too long to watch, you might like this exhibit from the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.

"The Civil War in Four Minutes," also known as The Electronic Map, is a map of the war with battle lines that continuously move, showing the changing progress of the war. Here, each week of the war has been condensed to one second. In the corner of the map, a casualty counter tracks the mounting butcher's bill - an odometer of death. [Link]
[Hat tip: Neatorama]



WOW... amazing. Have you seen anything similar for the American Revolution?


Miriam Robbins

What an awesome visual!


No, Janice, I haven't. I've always thought that Ken Burns should do a Revolutionary War series. Unfortunately, not many photographs of the conflict have survived.

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