Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Get Your Descendants Off the Couch

Time in a Capsule is a website devoted to geocapsuling—a neat spin on geocaching. Instead of stashing treasures for fellow geocachers to find, you stash treasures for your descendants to find months, years, or decades from now.

Founders Alan and Nancy Bixby have thought of every contingency, like, what if your children have no interest in retrieving your cached items?

If your dead-beat progeny are jailed, or lazy, or ex-patriots or whatever, then a “fail-safe relative” will make a decision to give the information to someone else in the family who will likely relish this challenge. We’re just offering an opportunity for our descendants to enrich their lives. We’d even be happy to return to our drop site locations with them. They might ask other more adventurous friends or relatives to reclaim their containers if they are practicing sloths. Honestly though, they'd have to have the brain of a speed bump to ignore this curious opportunity. Someone at least will gain from the experience…as we have. [Link]

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