Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Happy Birthday to Few

According to mental_floss (citing a 2001 study), today is the least popular day to be born.

According to the inquiry, an average of 12,576 people are born each year on the 5th of October. It also suggests that some 968,000 Americans celebrate this day annually.
Which birth date is the least common? May 22nd with an average of 10,259 persons born each year.


The 5th of October is easy to figure - it's 9 months after the hangovers from New Years Eve have worn off.

May 22 is a bit harder - maybe the time around August 22 is too hot and sweaty to use energy to make babies in most of the country. Or people are too drunk from summer picnics and family reunions?

Cheers -- Randy


My theory is that spending the whole summer with their kids discourages couples from producing more.

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