Friday, May 18, 2007

They Sent for Somebody, They Got Some Body

A mysterious "Doctor Windship" who turned up in Exeter, N. H., in 1802 has been identified as Dr. Amos Windship—a Boston-area surgeon during the Revolutionary War.

Respected by the Americans, he was also admired by the British when, in 1791, he arranged to have the remains of one Major John Pitcairn returned to England for internment in the family plot. Pitcairn had fallen during the Battle of Breed's Hill and died shortly thereafter. His grateful family believed that Windship had done them a gracious favor.

But there are a number of gaping holes in the story of this respectable war veteran. In Boston's Old North Church lies [the] crypt of Major John Pitcairn — it seems that Amos Windship had failed to send the correct body and Bostonians still believe Pitcairn resides in the basement. [Link]


Chris, that is a very interesting story. Major Pitcairn always swore that the American shot several shots first, and it was not his men who fired first on the colonial troops. He was considered a very honest an upright person, and I tend to believe his story. It would be interesting to see if he really is buried in the Old North Church.



Here's a description of Major Pitcairn's crypt—conveniently equipped with a Coca-Cola mchine.

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