Wednesday, May 02, 2007

They're Still Looking for His Pants

Val Gregoire of Maine was hit over the head in Boston in 1951, and woke to find his wallet and pants missing. Last month—on the 56th anniversary of the incident—the wallet was discovered by a demolition worker at the Paramount Theatre in Boston.

"I was stunned," said Jeannette Gregoire, 75, of Lewiston, after receiving a call from the worker's wife, Kathy Bagen. "How could this have survived?"

More than a dozen photos, a copy of Val's Augusta birth certificate and a pair of identification cards seemed preserved inside the Boston landmark.
One of the cards was an Armed Forces Liberty Pass dated April 11, 1951—the day it was stolen.
Why did they take his pants, too?

"He was wearing those sailor bell-bottoms," Jeannette said. "Maybe they liked the buttons." [Link]

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