Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The 'V' Stands for 'Very, Very Stupid'

An intoxicated man somehow found himself trapped under a half-ton gravestone in Merrillville, Indiana, last weekend.

Both his legs were broken during the incident, and he was scheduled to undergo surgery on one of his legs, Merrillville patrol Officer Ray Smith said.

Smith said it took five officers to remove the heavy headstone from Schreiber's body, and the family name at the top of the headstone left its mark on the suspect, he said.

"The letter V (in the family name) left an imprint on Schreiber's thigh," Smith said. [Link]

Bill Blunt

As someone who managed to have a bit of a tussle with a wardrobe on Sunday night (and I may have been just a little the worse for drink, I will admit), Mr Shreiber has my every sympathy. I found myself pinned to the bed, with the wardrobe atop of me. A gravestone would have been much more interesting!


Did you write this comment from beneath the wardrobe, or have you managed to free yourself?


This is why I give the safety message to 3rd graders when I lead my cemetery tours. I tell them not to lean on tombstones because they could accidentally knock them over and break them (or break themselves).

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