Sunday, May 06, 2007

'Well, it was murder, wasn't it?'

There's a long and fascinating article in today's Scotland on Sunday concerning Vanessa Goldie-Scot's efforts to find out how her great-grandmother came to drown in her bath and be laid to rest in a pauper's grave.

Goldie-Scot tracked down distant relatives she had never met, and a cousin, Melanie Richardson, was to confirm her worst fears. "I arranged to visit her, this grand old lady in her 70s whom I'd never met. She was a generation closer to those events than me, and I resolved to tread warily. I asked if she had any idea why my great-grandmother might have been buried in a common grave. Quick as a flash she said, 'Well, it was murder, wasn't it? Best way to make sure the body was never dug up.' I was stunned at the simplicity and certainty of her answer." [Link]



What a fascinating story, thanks for writing about it. I especially like the part about the stained glass window.



Yes, that was a nice touch.

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