Friday, June 22, 2007

Fact About Founder Found Faulty

General Mariano Vallejo was the founder of Sonoma, California, but his tombstone at Mountain Cemetery in Sonoma gives the wrong date of birth—July 7, 1808.

There's even documentation to back it up. A letter written by a genealogist at the Monterey Diocese says Vallejo was born on July 4th, 1807, the day before his baptism. But trying to correct history hasn't been easy. The cemetery is maintained by the city of Sonoma.

The people here at city hall say they'd be happy to change the tombstone, but it's not up to them. They say only family members can make that call. [Link]

Andy E. Wold

Yeah, nothing like the sound of dueling stonemasons ...

Cause, you know, it's only right if it's set in stone!

Doesn't matter how much documentation you have on someone's birthdate over a hundred years ago, just as long as the headstone matches the (currently) correct one.

Sheesh! It's a rock, people! ;)


Yeah, I get a little nervous when people talk about messing around with tombstones—which are, after all, historical documents.

At least they're talking about adding the right date rather than "fixing" the wrong one.

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